USI Tech Review | Legit or Scam?

USI Tech Review | Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my USI Tech Review! You are here because you have heard something about USI Tech and are wanting some information on the company. Congrats to you on doing your due diligence.

Looking at the 1st and 2nd page of Google, as well as YouTube, this will be the most thorough explanation of USI Tech out there as I dig into multiple facets of the company and have experience with the back office.

Without further a due let’s get into this USI Tech Review…

What Is USI Tech?

USI stands for United Software Intelligence.

USI Tech began it’s pre launch in September 2016 as a company that was adding a network marketing component to their platform. Prior to this, they have years of experience with VIP clients and trading in the forex market.

USI began as a software intelligence company that created a product to autonomously trade the Forex market for it’s members who wanted to license the software.

If you are not familiar with the Forex market; its basically an exchange which trades fiat currencies such as the Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Yuan etc.

Upon investigating USI Tech’s domain name (“”), the registered owner is Joao Severino, which is a founder of the company.

The aim of the company is to allow small and large investors to be able to create passive income streams through their products by trading the markets.

USI Tech Founders

Horst Jicha, Founder (Right) & John Smith, Affiliate (Left)

Ralf Gold, Founder (Right) & Mike Kiefer, Master Distributor (Left)


USI Tech Review – Products

  1. Automated trading software tailored to the MT4 trading platform for the Forex market.

In plain English, this means that they offer the ability to license their software which has been created to trade autonomously on a individuals brokerage account. This generates profits in the market hands-free for passive income to the individual. Profits fluctuate depending on market movements.

Here is an example of their trading account from members utilizing the USI Tech software on their brokerage accounts:

You can see it for yourself by going to this link:

2. Bitcoin Package.

This is their second product which they have brought out after years of service in the forex market; USI Tech founders decided to branch out into the cryptocurrency market.

The Bitcoin Package has four different methods of generating income:

  • Trading Bitcoin against fiat currency (US Dollar)
  • Using arbitrage (difference in price) of Bitcoin across multiple exchanges across the world.
  • Placing a certain portion into mining to generate returns.

Depending how seasoned you are with bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the market itself, the above may be slightly confusing. However, I break it down because this is important to know and understand how they are generating returns for members.

USI Tech has actually achieved something which is very strategic. Their diversified portfolio of generating returns allows them to profit from multiple areas of the industry.

The bitcoin packages average a 1%* return which fluctuates everyday depending on multiple variables in the market.

The example below shows the amount of packages, number of days they have been running and the % payout over those days:


This is an example of USI Tech’s back office with the bitcoin packages working through daily returns.


USI Tech Review – Pricing

Software License – €600 (One Time Fee)

Bitcoin Package – €50 (Unlimited Buy Amount)

The software license is a one time fee and allows you to utilize the trading software on your brokerage account and be a part of the updates they add to the software through tweaking and testing. This also activates the 12 level deep affiliate plan which we will get discuss in the next section.

The bitcoin packages are broken down into €50 entry points and can be bought at an unlimited quantity. This gives small and large investors the ability to utilize the platform.

USI Tech Compensation Plan

Rather than explain USI Tech’s comp plan in this review, it’s much easier to watch a short video on exactly how it’s broken down:


Here is an image which gives a visual of the 12 levels deep compensation plan and the %’s paid out in the down lines:

This is a fair and standard compensation plan. Some reading this will be familiar with how this works and others may be a little confused if they don’t watch the video.

USI Tech Review – What I’ve Heard

A lot of people talk about and review what they don’t know. I have been around Forex for years now and have had an EA (expert advisor) automatic trader for my brokerage account for a while which generates profits over time. This software is outside of USI; I got into Forex way before I knew about USI so I already had some background knowledge.

People are quick to name something a scam. Especially those in the network marketing industry, which granted, there’s a lot of crap out there. No matter what, every company in this industry will get named and shamed somewhere on the internet a ponzi/pryamid/scam scheme even if they are a legitimate business. Some of those claims are justified, and others not.

I see reviews on Google and YouTube talking about “USI Tech scam alert” and they don’t even understand the product, forex or software. I write reviews on my blog about companies in different industries. I believe to truly review a company, you need to know the leaders, strategy and product to make an informed decision.

USI Tech Verdict

USI Tech has a legitimate product in both the Forex and Cryptocurrency market. Individuals can enter the platform and gain passive income from licensing the software, buying bitcoin packages or both. If certain individuals want to build the other side of the business and share the opportunity they can leverage the network marketing component of the business also.

It actually baffles me the people that say USI Tech is a scam. That means that every network marketing company in the world; including Avon, Amway & Herbalife is a scam/ponzi scheme. With all these companies you get paid a certain % of what you sell (if you want to sell and not just use their products). The real aim of the game is finding companies with legitimate products/services and leaders. The above picture and link of the FX blue book proves USI Tech’s product is working for its members.

In 2017, there has been a huge in flux of companies popping up in the bitcoin auto trading space. All of which don’t have a track record, some have a face to them and many of them are promising high returns. For myself, there are a lot of red flags with many of these companies. It’s up to you to do your due diligence, this USI Tech Review is not designed to name and shame other companies but shed light on USI Tech. My point is, I have done a lot of research and homework on numerous companies in this space. None of them have the leadership, track record, strategy and transparency USI does.

Like many of you, I am also skeptical at times within business. Hey, sometimes you have to be! 2 days after researching the business and talking to one of the Founding Members… I actually got on a call with two of the Founders (Horst & Ralf) of USI Tech:


I had a lot of questions for them in terms of trust, transparency, business licenses, them vs other companies in the space and how their product works. They were very open and honest with everything and to me, that’s extremely valuable. Integrity and transparency in this game is huge!

These words are not to sell you. They are merely to share what I have found through my research and knowledge within the cryptocurrency arena. An arena where trust, legitimacy and leadership go a long way in the decentralized world of bitcoin as an unregulated security.

Needless to say, I am making my money work for me and utilizing everything USI Tech has to offer.

Fact is, I’ve already done the leg work and found a company with a great track record, solid product and real leaders. I’ve been in this industry for over two years and leveraging different aspects on this industry to create an income.

If you are interested in getting involved with bitcoin/cryptocurrency, making your money work for you and growing your bitcoin balance then:

  1. Sign up for your free account with USI Tech —> Click Here For Access
  2. Message me:



Skype: mattksherriff


Thank you for reading my USI Tech Review. Only other thing to do is comment and share if you found value.

To Your Success,


26 Responses to USI Tech Review | Legit or Scam?

  1. In-depth research is critical before any investment and I commend you. You are a man of integrity and changing the status quo will always be challenging. Thinking out side the box is, unfortunately, not for everyone but I am glad I did it. Since investing with USI, the compound of daily interest tells me it was the right decision.

    • Wise words for sure Dee. In a new industry like cryptocurrency it’s always an interesting shift of mindset for many people who have to open themselves up it. Wealth transfers happen when disruptive technologies come in to industries. The financial industry is one of the last to really see a revolution. Uber, Air BnB, Ali Baba and more have all disrupted their industries… money is next 🙂

      The idea of compounding is extremely powerful! Thanks for your words on the USI Tech Review, see you again soon.

    • Thanks for stopping by the USI Tech Review Liza! Appreciate the words, glad you found some value in it.

  2. I have also looked into several other AutoTrading Bitcoin platforms and USI-Tech is by far the clearest and highest returning platform I’ve found. Love that they have a REAL track record and then you add in that your also getting cryptocurrency mining too. I honestly can’t think of what else would make it better. Thank you Matt for this clear and concise summary of USI-Tech and contacting me to go into business with you!

    • David, appreciate the comment my man! It’s been awesome working with you so far and looking forward to the coming years as we dig deeper into this industry and what it has to offer.

      Appreciate the words about the USI Tech Review also!

  3. Hey Matt,

    Do you think that the impending fork in Bitcoin will effect us if we have bitcoin with USI? If it was a hard fork would we get coins for both new blockchains?

    Great review by the way.

    • Hi Daniel, the bitcoin inside USI Tech will be completely fine. Bitcoin is not changing nor is it going anywhere. It is BCC that wants to divert away from bitcoin for one reason or another.

      For the reason our bitcoins are completely safe and will continue on the original blockchain of the bitcoin network.

      I hope that helps.

      Thanks for visiting the USI Tech review!

  4. Matt.I liked the info.that you gave in your review.It was acute and accurate especially with a new company such as USI.I’d like to join,however,I don’t wanna recruit any single soul ‘cos I’m just horrible in recruiting anybody so I really couldn’t care LESS what the compensation plan is all about.I just wanna invest on some packages and see my bitcoins grow.I’m also interested in the Forex software that they offer.How do I get such software?.Do you have a link for it so I can purchase it?.I have some good experience with Forex so let me know where I can get it ‘cos I tried their website but couldn’t find it there either.And if I get it would I be able to use it in the United States?.Do they work with brokers that accept American traders?.Have you used it before?.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      You can utilize their services without recruiting anybody and I can help you with that.

      Yes, they work with an American broker which you can get started with. I have been using their cryptocurrency service for months now and I am just in the process of opening up my Forex Account.

      I will email you some details.

      Thanks for checking out the USI Tech review.


    • Yeah they have had private clients for a numbers of years, I am closely connected to a couple of them.

      It’s nice to see them have services in both the Forex and Cryptocurrencies arenas.

      Thank you for your words on this USI Tech Review.


  5. You did not mention if there are any hidden charges.
    Another thing, can someone run the forex software separately or must I purchase the BTC packages too.

    • There are no hidden charges.

      You can run the Forex Software License completely separate to the Bitcoin Packages. They are two different services.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and/or want help getting set up.

  6. Great review. However I am rather confused. On their website there is only one product and that’s the software. There is no mention of the BTC packages. I find that a bit strange. Do you have to buy the software in order to purchase the BTC packages? I also do not want to recruit people.


    • Hi Michael,

      Right now they are working with a team of lawyers and are putting together the outlines of the bitcoin packages on their site and more. They are wanting to stay compliant with the SEC and FTC which they are working towards, that is why you can’t see it on there yet.

      The two are separate. You can buy the Bitcoin Packages without buying the Forex Software License.

      Connect with me on facebook or email and let’s talk further:

  7. Hi Matt,

    Great review. The only thing i am a bit confused about is the owners (Jao and Ralf) background. It seems its not totally clean if you get me. Please let us know if you got facts in this regard? They yave been involved in other “scams” in the passed (accorging to some individuals) but since I dont have facts it would be great if you can clarify.

    Thanks man!!

    • I have also researched this and asked some of the people at the top of this company the same questions.

      Jao was never committed for anything with that particular company. He did some software for them and left before hand.

      Ralf is also in the same boat.

      They have had a legal team do a full audit on all of them. It’s on my YouTube channel.

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