It seems the internet has been over run with ‘push button’ money systems, get rich quick schemes and nonsense training that lead many new marketers to fail online.

I intend to give reviews that will help people that are looking for more info on certain companies and if you are thinking about opting into a particular opportunity to do so with a more rounded judgement.



MLSP Reviewmlsp-logo

This MLSP review will give you an overview of the platform, what’s inside and my experiences with the system. MLSP is a marketing training platform created for members to learn the skills and knowledge to be successful online. It was created by individuals who wanted to alleviate the suffering of new online business owners¬†and MLSP constantly move forward with their members in mind.

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DS Domination Review

DS Domination is a training platform to teach its members how to create a business with eBay leveraging different sources on the internet. The success rates with DS Domination are staggering.. The company flips the script with network marketing. I take a look what DS Domination offers and my experiences with the company.

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Blog Beast Review


A review of the new blogging platform created by Empower Network. Blog Beast has many preconceptions surrounding it, this review is for those seeking information and if you are thinking of opting in this will help you make an informed decision. The platform boasts of its user friendly interface and simple strategies in order to get the newest of bloggers up and running. An unbiased view point covering the good and bad of the system, comparing it with the current competition is what you will find here.

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WordPress Review 

Wordpress logo 2WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. Let’s look at the power WordPress possesses that gives it such a great reputation and some of the aspects individuals struggle with. This WordPress review is designed to give an overview of the platform.

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Stiforp Review

Stiforp Logo

Stiforp is a multilevel network marketing company offering an MLM style compensation plan and different tools to market businesses online. I wanted to give an unbiased review of the companies legitimacy, its tools and my personal overview.

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Feeder Matrix Review

Feeder matrix 1

Feeder matrix is a multi level marketing company leveraging digital products and a compensation plan. The start up cost is cheap, the levels are not a great deal to move up in and potentially make money, but does that make it a good company to join? Let’s find out in this Feeder Matrix review.