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Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin | The Real Difference Between BTC & BCH

There are many talks of bitcoin cash (bcash) vs. bitcoin. The argument is already flawed as people see them as competing in a sense, but they are two very different cryptocurrencies.

In the video below I talk about one of the main design differences of bitcoin cash and bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin has 1MB blocks.
  • Bitcoin cash has 8MB blocks.

This is the key change in bcash’s make up…

However, in this video I want to show you the fundamental and big picture difference between the two.

There has been lots of talk of bitcoin cash, especially with the recent spike/pump/manipulation up to $10,000 and a sharp drop back down to a couple thousand dollars.

The crucial difference is decentralization. A word of the upmost importance in the cryptocurrency world because this is why the movement is so powerful in the first place.

I hope this video demonstrates that:


I’m hoping this video helped you understand key differences between bitcoin cash and bitcoin.

It’s important to see the bigger picture in the cryptocurrency world and think about the long game.

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