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The Value of Values

The common saying of parents, “I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have” inspires this post. Granted, I’m not yet a parent nor have I been gifted the time to have as much experience as a lot of parents, or many people walking this earth for that matter. Nevertheless, with my generation (I

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When Demotivation Strikes With Your Passion | The #1 Thing To Get The Fire Back

We have all been there before. Demotivation strikes even with our greatest passions and ventures. Maybe you hate your job and are burned out. Maybe you love your job but just feel slightly off. Maybe your building a business but for whatever moment, at that particular moment, you feel slightly demotivated. If we only did things

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Take Your Business Anywhere | Laptop Lifestyle For Real

I was sat at gate 82 in Orlando Airport waiting for my flight to Manchester, England. I was on my laptop replying to some Facebook messages, responding to a couple of emails and trying to get a few things done before I went in the air. I was flying Thomas Cook, I knew they didn’t

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Low Competition Keywords – Become A Ninja Keyword Finder

Keyword research is still a heavily discussed topic. Everyone wants to rank highest for the most popular keywords. Not everyone can. What we must find are low competition keywords (profitable keywords) that people are searching for but not everyone and their mothers are writing about. A keyword is a word or bunch of words you

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WordPress Review

This WordPress review will give an overview of the platform. There are many blogging platforms out their and without the right knowledge it can be difficult to choose one for your blog/site. WordPress popularity has grown massively over the past few years. Let's take a look why this is. Firstly, The Difference Between and

4 Important SEO WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

It is extremely important to have the right plugins to optimize your blog. These plugins will help your content, layout and search engine optimization (SEO) in areas which can take your blog in the direction you see fit. This will undoubtedly increase the traffic to your blog and increase the efficiency towards what ever it