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This WordPress review will give an overview of the platform. There are many blogging platforms out their and without the right knowledge it can be difficult to choose one for your blog/site. WordPress popularity has grown massively over the past few years. Let’s take a look why this is.

Firstly, The Difference Between WP.org and WP.com…

WordPress.org– download the software to your hosting company and link it to your domain.

WordPress.com– This will work the same as any other online blogging platforms such as Blogger or Tumblr but with everything WP has to offer. There is no need for a hosting company with this type of WordPress setup. In contrast to setting up with WP.org, building a blog on this platform will not give you the ownership rights.

Now, lets get to this WordPress review.wordpress_logo

What is WordPress?

A free and open source blogging tools and a content-management system for your site. Including plugin architecture and a template system. It is a fully integrated platform that helps simplify and optimize your blog.

Why Choose WordPress?

It’s Free- WordPress is free to build and maintain your blog. It will not cost you a cent, except if you are wanting to upgrade to certain features if you are running a blog from WP.com.

Retain Ownership- Many people choose WordPress to keep the ownership rights to their site. This gives you the freedom to customize it the way you see fit and have more flexibility overall. To own your blog is an important aspect for whatever you are using it for. Also, your own domain name is much better for branding yourself.

Simple Installation- It can require only a few clicks to install WordPress now. Hosting companies like HostGator have made it a downloadable option in their C panel so the installation process is very simple. I have used HostGator with WordPress and it is extremely easy to setup.

Interface- With a vast amount of themes and widgets to choose from you can really customize your site as you see fit. To add your own flavor and be unique on your blog is a great way to brand yourself online, and this can be done through the power of WordPress.

Manage Your Blogs- The release of WP 3.0 allowed the user to control all of your sites under one roof. The no hassle solution to maintain all of your blogs under one account makes it very easy to optimize multiple sites.

Content Creation- It is a fact that content is king on any blog. It is easy to churn out content while choosing the relevant category on your site and having the grammar checker as you go.

Choose Between Site and Blog- WordPress is very flexible. Now you can edit and choose between themes, pages and posts to have your site or blog looking exactly how you need it to. The great thing about WordPress is that it’s always changing and adapting for the better.

Plugins- These beauties can take your blog to new heights. Control social media, list building and conversions (throwing some examples out there) through effective plugins.

To see my post regarding 4Important SEO WordPress Plugins Click Here.

SEO Winner- With great plugins, quality content and strategic tweaks will see your blog have success. WordPress has a great reputation with all the major search engines and you really cant ask for a better platform when it comes to SEO and rankings.

Huge Community- I recently read that WordPress totals just under 20% of the top 10 million sites online. Quite a staggering figure. With online forums, training and help tips with pretty much any question you may have on WordPress will most likely be covered by a quick search. Unlike many other services, WP.com take email requests.

Blogging On The Go- With the WordPress app you can blog with mobility. Create content on the move and it is compatible with all smart phones.

Outsourcing- As previously mentioned of WordPress’ popularity, it is easy to spread the workload. It won’t be difficult to find affordable help when needed and most webmasters/designers are familiar with WordPress.

Hosting- Which hosting company to choose is an extremely common dilema. To new bloggers/marketers I always recommend HostGator as their support is great and the WordPress download is in the C-Panel with just a few simple clicks you are on your way.

Some of the Negatives…Wordpress logo 2

The Learning Curve- WordPress will take a while for a new user to become familiar with the program. If you are using a hosting company such as HostGator the installtion process will be easy. However, if you are manually installing the software this can be tricky and it may require some assistance. There is a learning curve with all new things. So, see it as a challenge and not necessarily an obstacle.

Mobile Blogging- The WP app offers some great things so we can maintain our blog on the move. However, it could be optimized a little better and certain functions added. I am sure we will see this as the new versions of WordPress release and more improvements are made to be able to optimize more of our blog through smartphones.

Plugin Crashes- Your generic plugins will almost certainly never cause you any problems. But, when downloading plugins from nonsecure sources or over experimenting  it is possible that they are not compatible and do more harm than good. If you are not familiar with coding then you may have to get an expert to tweak the code or diagnose the problem to fix it.

Spamming- All major blogging platforms attract spam bots because of the nature of the way things are done now. This can be easily solved with plugins that control the spam that come through your blog.

Security Issues- With the popularity of WordPress being so great that people will always try and infiltrate the system. WordPress do a great job of cleaning up there system regularly. Make sure you keep up to date with their updates to keep your site protected.


The aim of this WordPress Review was to evaluate the good and bad which comes with WordPress. This platform is almost unrivaled with its customization, SEO and vast amounts of information to optimize every aspect of the program. A customized website with your own flavor added to it brands yourself or company with a vast amount of potential. WordPress is the most popular program for a reason and I cant see that changing anytime soon. It surpasses other blogging platforms because of the way you can build your site and fully optimize it the way you want with search engines ranking WP sites very well (with great content). WordPress will continue to churn out improvements and new versions of the software. So, keep up to date with all the enhancements and plugin to WordPress with all that it has to offer.

I hope that you enjoyed this WordPress Review. All that’s left to do is comment and share so other can benefit too.

To Your Success,

Matt Sherriff.

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  1. Steen Rasmussen January 3, 2014 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Thanks Matt you have a great way to tell about wordprees. Its seems like there are real many think to learn when we want to get started create a web side

    • Matt Sherriff January 4, 2014 at 4:31 am - Reply

      WordPress has a learning curve. But is a high reward platform when used correctly and there is tons of information out there to answer your questions.

  2. Calvin Wright January 13, 2014 at 4:09 am - Reply

    Cheers Matt! A very useful rundown of there being a difference between the two! I wasn’t even aware there was two types and WP has been my website host for a couple years now; A helpful nudge!

  3. Caleb Wright January 18, 2014 at 8:38 am - Reply

    Awesome rundown on the WordPress platform Matt! WP is indeed the number one website CMS platform out there today, there really is nothing you can’t do with it for business. WP sites rank very well with Google and all major search engines, I have first place rankings for many WP sites, so it is truly the way to go!

    • Matt Sherriff January 19, 2014 at 9:12 pm - Reply

      WP is only going to get bigger and better for the foreseeable future.

      Thanks for the interaction man, great comments here to go along with the post.

      Thanks, Caleb.

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