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Take Your Business Anywhere | Laptop Lifestyle For Real

I was sat at gate 82 in Orlando Airport waiting for my flight to Manchester, England. I was on my laptop replying to some Facebook messages, responding to a couple of emails and trying to get a few things done before I went in the air.

I was flying Thomas Cook, I knew they didn’t have Wi-Fi on the plane which is why I wanted to get it done before we took off. I got bumped up to Premium Class which was nice though.

Whilst sitting there for 45 minutes and attempting to accomplish some tasks I was able to generate multiple Bitcoin commissions from my passive income platform. I also closed out a trade in the crypto market for a 0.1 Bitcoin profit, which is about $180 currently. Not bad for getting on my laptop and doing a couple tasks.

If this intrigues you, send me a message after you have read the full post. I’ve been teaching people how to do this for over a year now in this industry.

I have been working online for a numbers of years now; from a lead generation company, to drop shipping (opening my own eBay store), to matched betting and now the cryptocurrency field. My circumstances somewhat drove me to start generating an online income because I have been an athlete and student for the majority of my life. I was blessed with a drive for knowledge and self-teaching in order to accomplish things I wanted.

Sitting at gate 82, I remembered how powerful this all is. To be able to take my business wherever I go and create an income. Whether I’m in the United States, England or Australia; my business/laptop come with me.

That is an insanely empowering feeling at the age of 24. To know I have the ability to create and sustain income where ever I am in the world. Opportunity and abundance are all around us. We live in a truly amazing time. Technology and the Internet have changed the world.

You hear about many people creating an income online doing various things. Personally, I am heavily involved with cryptocurrency, bitcoin and the education surrounding it. I am passionate about what it stands for and what it offers. Also, it is extremely lucrative and an emerging industry which is set to stand as one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history.

It’s always interesting to me how life unfolds. We can control so little of it, yet shape it how we want; perspective and mindset are the aim of the game.

I plan to create wealth in a way that I can build it from anywhere in the world.

Ask yourself, what are your goals? What makes you happy? Are you creating financial and time freedom, if not now, for the future?

I have an immense amount of gratitude for the opportunities and resources that have been presented to me over the years. They have allowed me to expand my mind and understand how to generate an income online, wherever I may be.

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am definitely on the right path.

Gate 82 had me thinking over here and got me inspired to write a post. It always feels good when it comes from the heart and the finger tips just start flowing!

They just called my row, gonna go and board the big bird.

All the best,


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