Bitcoin Debit Card Review | Your Locations & Needs Are Considered Here

Bitcoin Debit Card Review | Your Locations & Needs Are Considered Here

You have probably been looking for a bitcoin debit card review that you can say “ah har”, that’s what I should do. But all the cards seem similar and it’s a mad toss up which bitcoin card to go with. Well I have done a lot of research and finally decided the best places to go in order to get the most for your money whilst partnering with a reputable company who’s future looks long standing. Plus, your location and particular circumstances can affect the decisions you make which will be explained below.

Welcome to my Bitcoin Debit Card Review

Bitcoin Debit Card Review – Multiple Options

In my research, I have found that it’s difficult to partner with a company that offers an array of services around the world (especially if you travel and live in different places) and ships around the globe.

Everyone’s needs are different in the type of currency cards they need and what they will be used for. Personally, I am in the USA and UK a lot; for that reason I need two cards so I am not hit with foreign transaction fees etc when I continually fly across the Atlantic. However, I found that to be difficult and this is because of the USA regulations in place which make it difficult for international companies to utilize certain business inside of the United States when it comes to currency, conversions, and especially surrounding the bitcoin/cryptocurrency industry.

When comparing cards; the main things to look at are (in no particular order):

  • Company reliability, structure and trustworthiness.
  • The quality of their support team.
  • Price of the card (inc. shipping).
  • Transaction, withdraw and maintanance fees. [and any other fees associated with the bitcoin debit card]
  • World Wide availability.
  • Verification process (which if required isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

I have compared tens and tens of cards and companies and have found these two below as the best options for Europe, United Kingdom, USA and the rest of the world.

Bitcoin Debit Card Review – USA Residents

For USA residents, the best bitcoin card would most probably be BitPay when considering all the factors above.

BitPay was established in 2011, it has a solid track record with a great management and development team.

The main thing, what are the costs?

  • The card costs 9.95.
  • $5 a month maintenance fee.
  • $2 ATM withdrawal fee. [ATM fees heighten if you withdraw from an ATM outside the USA]
  • No transaction fees. [when paying in dollars]
  • No bitcoin loading fees.

These are the main things you need to know and be conscious of when choosing which bitcoin card company to partner with. Only thing is their monthly maintenance cost is slightly higher than the average $1-$3, but it’s not a huge factor in the grand scheme of things with everything considered.┬áThis card can only be loaded with US dollars.

One reason I like BitPay is they take the price of bitcoin at the time of loading your card and add the desired balance to your bitcoin debit card which then stays in dollars so you don’t have to worry about how much is on there as the bitcoin price consistently fluctuates. Some cards use the fluctuating bitcoin consistently when you are purchasing good and services in your local currency which can be more confusing.

From my point of view, I am in the USA 9-10 months out of the year and will be using my card constantly. That is why I want a reputable company within the United States that I can trust and easily contact if needs be.

Get Your BitPay Card Here

NOTE: I don’t get any type of commission or bonuses for you clicking the above link just FYI ­čÖé


Bitcoin Debit Card Review – United Kingdom, Europe and Beyond

CryptoPay offers bitcoin debit cards for Great British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD).

Summed up CryptoPay is: “A personal blockchain based financial account, where you can buy and sell bitcoins, order a bitcoin debit card and send international payments worldwide.” Taken from their website.

Why I chose CryptoPay among all the other bitcoin debit card out there?

Solid track record, trusted management team, competitive fees, brilliant customer support platform, offers multiple currency options with almost worldwide shipping and has a great referral program where they share a % of the fees they charge with you for sharing the CryptoPay platform.

I have both BitPay and CryptoPay accounts because international businesses struggle to ship their cards to the USA. Which forces me to go with BitPay also and use CryptoPay for everything else. The US dollar is the most used currency over the world in various countries. This makes CryptoPay great for countries like South America, Africa and various other countries also.

Big Question, what are the costs?

  • ┬úÔéČ$15 depending which currency card you would like. [25% discount if you use the link below]
  • ┬úÔéČ$1 a month maintenance fee.
  • ATM transaction fees:┬á┬ú1.75,┬áÔéČ2.25, $2.50
  • 1% loading fee.
  • No transaction fees. [when paying in designated currency]

CryotoPay fees are competitive in the market and they are one of the largest companies with almost 400,000 users globally. They offer an array of services from bank deposits and withdrawals, bitcoin wallet management, accepting bitcoin payments and the use of bitcoin debit cards globally. Their back office is easy to navigate, the verification process is simple, their limits are generous and my experience with them has been great to far.

Sign Up For Your Free CryptoPay Account Here

One of the biggest reasons I chose to partner with CryptoPay was because of personal testimonials of people in my circle in the cryptocurrency industry using their services and finding it a smooth process. In all honesty, the fees are similar with every company but trust, company structure and certain strategies that CryptoPay has led me here. This leading bitcoin debit card company also headquarters out of London and is a registered company of England & Wales.

It was a close battle between Xapo and CryptoPay for myself. That being said, CryptoPay have a great blog post of Xapo vs. Cryptopay with a balanced argument for each side —–> Read The Blog Post Here

This is a great option for the UK, Europe, South America and anywhere in the world that accepts the

Ultimately, I like cards that can be loaded manually, so I know how much I have to spend and it’s more┬ácontrollable. When the debit card is tied to the bitcoin wallet and you are spending in a consistently fluctuating market it can be a record keeping mare and isn’t as┬ápractical in my opinion. With CryptoPay you just load a specific amount in your local currency and then spend how much you have loaded.

Don’t forget to sign up with this link to access the 25% discount with CryptoPay. Click here to open an account.

Note: I do gain small % of commission as you sign up through my link but hopefully I can offer you enough value to make it worth your while to do so.

Plus, here is a list of countries CryptoPay ships to.




Bitcoin Card Review – Australia


CoinJar is a great option for Australian residents looking for a bitcoin debit card as the cryptocurrency scene is booming in the land of Aus. CoinJar headquarters recently moved from from Australia to London in order to take advantage of the fast paced movement of digital currencies across the globe. They have a solid track record and are expanding quickly. They do offer global and European options with the platform. However, I only really recommend CoinJar to my Australian friends as they look for a bitcoin card because of the above bullet points we have spoken about.

Click Here To Get A Free CoinJar Account

I will provide a link to CoinJar’s fees because they can differ depending on location and it’s an easy viewable table.

Bitcoin Debit Card Review – Conclusion

I will consistently update this article as new companies, innovation and competition happens which will likely have more platforms leading the way and trying to be better than the last company on the pedestal.

Right now, my #1 recommendation is CryptoPay as they facilitate multiple currencies, have competitive fees, great support and ship to most of the world.

As mentioned, I have researched a lot of companies and have found these as reliable from personal experience and the findings of my circle.

Thank you for reading my bitcoin debit card review. I hope it was of value to you. Please like, comment and share if you got something out of this article.




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