Bitcoin Auto Trader Awareness

Bitcoin Auto Trader Awareness

Welcome to my Bitcoin Auto Trader Awareness post and video.

You are probably here because you have heard about a bitcoin auto trader you are interested in. Congratulations to you on doing your due diligence.

Here is a video where I talk about some of the things you should consider when looking at a bitcoin auto trader or any network marketing company for that matter:

For a recap here are some things to look out for:

  • Fixed rates over an extended period of time. If you have months of being paid 2%+ a day on your trading profits… something may be off there as that is extremely high.
  • Does the company have a strong face to it? Leadership, strategy and longevity are crucial. Can you call the CEO, Founders, Founding Members etc?
  • Heavy focus should be on the service/product. If there is more talk of the binary system commissions rather than anything else… be wary. Yes, it’s good to build a team and business, I am all about that! But, the service/product should speak for itself.

I hope you got some good information about bitcoin auto traders and things to look out for!

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