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How To Buy Bitcoin? What You Need To Know!

I am going to help you understand how to buy bitcoin. Coming into this digital currency space can be slightly confusing but once you find your way around, gain a little knowledge, it's a bright new world! There are a few things to consider when you are looking to buy bitcoin: Your location Fees Anonymity

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The Value of Values

The common saying of parents, “I want to give my kids everything I didn’t have” inspires this post. Granted, I’m not yet a parent nor have I been gifted the time to have as much experience as a lot of parents, or many people walking this earth for that matter. Nevertheless, with my generation (I

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Bitcoin Hard Fork | Bitcoin Cash Happened

August 1st saw the first Bitcoin hard fork recorded in the first blockchain ever created. To me, it wasn't really a hard fork, that would mean two coins going two different directions. Bitcoin is still on the same trajectory with an updated network, bitcoin cash has decided to do its own thing and fork away

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Bitcoin Debit Card Review | Your Locations & Needs Are Considered Here

You have probably been looking for a bitcoin debit card review that you can say "ah har", that's what I should do. But all the cards seem similar and it's a mad toss up which bitcoin card to go with. Well I have done a lot of research and finally decided the best places to

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When Demotivation Strikes With Your Passion | The #1 Thing To Get The Fire Back

We have all been there before. Demotivation strikes even with our greatest passions and ventures. Maybe you hate your job and are burned out. Maybe you love your job but just feel slightly off. Maybe your building a business but for whatever moment, at that particular moment, you feel slightly demotivated. If we only did things

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Bitcoin Hard Fork Explained

The Bitcoin hard fork has been at the forefront of many headlines in the cryptocurrency industry. In this video I give an explanation of the bitcoin hard fork:   I hope it helped explain the bitcoin fork. Matt.

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JetCoin Review | Jet Coin Legit Business or Massive Scam?

Welcome to my JetCoin Review. There have been so many bitcoin auto trading passive income opportunities popping up in 2017 it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. JetCoin seems to be the latest and greatest of them all. You were probably approached by someone telling you about JetCoin and what you can earn

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Bitcoin Wallets & Exchanges

INTERNATIONAL: Bitstamp Bitsquare Coinbase Watch Coinbase Tutorial Payza Kraken Local Bitcoins Xapo UNITED STATES: Bitstamp Bitsquare Coinbase Watch Coinbase Tutorial Payza Kraken Local Bitcoins CANADA: Local Bitcoins Coinbase – (Buy Only) Payza QuickBT Canadian Bitcoins Local Bitcoins UNITED KINGDOM Coinbase Watch Coinbase Tutorial Bittylicious Coinfloor Local Bitcoins ARGENTINA Ripio SatoshiTango Local Bitcoins AUSTRALIA Bitcoin Australia

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