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My name is Matt Sherriff and I have been making an online income since 2013. It’s become a major passion of mine to build the projects and businesses I am genuinely excited about, control my finances, give a great deal of value to others in whatever form is necessary and ultimately take ownership of the time I have on this earth.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ll make it short, concise and just enough so you feel like you know me a little by the end of this page.

Early Life

I was born and raised in Manchester, England by a hard-working father and a loving mother. I attribute a lot of my quality human characteristics (kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy) to my lovely Mum. I struggled in school in my earlier years and found my feet towards the end of high school and college. As I found my stride in education, I began to think that was potentially my calling or at least to climb the educational ladder and earn multiple pieces of paper. But, as you well know, plans change.

My main passion growing up was basketball. It was kind of like an obsession from a young age, something which I wanted to do all the time and be the very best I could. I earned a scholarship to a university just outside of Chicago, USA to continue playing the game and earn a degree at the same time. I began that journey at the age of 18. 7 years later I have an amazing experience of playing the game that I love for four years, meeting awesome people from all over the world, becoming a coach after that and earning my master’s degree in finance.

I am so thankful to the game for teaching me how to win, lose, deal with failures, persevere, dedicate time to see your goals through and understand how to put others before yourself in certain situations.

Leveraging The Internet

In 2012 I needed to make some money. Firstly, it’s hard to get a job as an international student if it’s not on campus. Two, there was some turmoil in my family circle and I needed to take some ownership of trying to bring in some bacon, as the saying goes.

Not really thinking about it at the time, I had entrepreneurial tendencies growing up as a teenager. Mostly sourcing products from different places at a discounted price (all completely legal), selling them on for more and then rolling the profit into more inventory. My best product was the Dr Dre Beats headphones when they first came out and were selling like hot cakes.

In 2012 I got involved with affiliate marketing; learned how to brand myself online, create value and generate traffic, leads, and sales from multiple marketing efforts. This helped me learn a lot of the basics of the internet and creating awareness of what I was doing. I stumbled around for about a year trying to get a grasp of the online business world.

2013 rolls around and I created my own eBay and Amazon stores. eBay was my main gig and I began my own e-commerce business which allowed me to establish a solid part-time income online which I worked around my athletic and student schedules. This was definitely a juggling act but one that I am so glad I undertook. At this point in my life, I had to be fair with my time, I could see my online income growing, but I knew I had to allocate proper time to basketball as this was the reason for all the opportunities that opened up to me early in my life. There is no perfect balance of time, no matter what situation you are in. What I do know is, you can definitely build a business in your spare time, even if it’s 8pm – 2am. The internet really has leveled the playing field.

Formal Education Ain’t Everything

One of the most critical concepts I’ve learned is that the education system shares information with you, but does not prepare you for the real world. The drive for self-teaching and the application of knowledge is what’s really key. An individual with straight A’s will most likely lag behind the B-C student with more passion in the long run.

Most people find themselves in a cookie cutter system when earning their degree. I wasn’t a business major; but felt I learned more by reading, listening to influencers, studying self-made entrepreneurs, whilst succeeding and failing in different ventures which allowed me to get a cheaper degree of learning than anybody in most business programs. It was curiosity and the true application of self which helped me make some serious moves (more mentally than anything else).

Break Through(s)

2015 was my biggest breakthrough year in learning, investing, making money and finding an industry I was passionate about. That summer I was introduced to blockchain technology and more specifically cryptocurrency. I got involved with an alternate cryptocurrency to bitcoin and began to research about the industry and what this type of movement meant for the world of finance.

I read and watched everything I could about crypto and began to become versed in what was going on. I made good money coming into 2016 with the rise of that particular cryptocurrency and began to diversify my portfolio into multiple decentralized assets. Understanding what the creation of bitcoin did for the world and completely changing the way we see value in a decentralized way was incredible to me. [If you don’t know what bitcoin is you are gonna want to check out the rest of this website after finishing this]

I started to buy, mine and trade cryptocurrencies to create an income and also build up a portfolio to hold as the world slowly started to wake up to what’s happening here in a big way. I dedicated a lot of time to creating content within this industry to help people navigate through the learning curve of bitcoin and how they could profit from potentially the largest shift of wealth in human history.

And Here We Are…

That brings us to this day as I write this page. I currently help people understand bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Also, I educate how to create your own brand, create awareness of what you’re doing and deliver value. The education/understanding variable is invaluable and we are living in an era of wide access to information.

With that, everyone wants to make money. I show people my exact strategies in building up wealth in this industry through diversification and particular ventures I’ve taken on. I am very excited about the trajectory of my online business and where things are heading. My goal is to help as many people as possible, not just in creating a greater financial future, but getting people excited about increasing their skills and knowledge as that stays with you forever.